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I am often envious of other people's Lifestyle.

I am curious about ways to use technology or tracking tools to improve my Lifestyle.

I do not have free time to engage in the recreational activities that I enjoy.

Financially, I can afford the recreational activity or activities of my choice.

Because I am physically in great shape, I can perform to my expected level in the recreational activities that I participate in.

I earn just enough to pay my bills and have zero money for fun activities.

I have enough hours in the day to do the things that I need to do.

Personal responsibility regarding physical health, diet and exercise is overrated.

Focusing on one’s own Lifestyle is somewhat overrated and self-centered behavior. What is more important are current trends and what is popular for most people.

Mostly, I have a positive outlook on life. I will most likely become even more optimistic in general as I grow older.

My happiness is entirely dependent on the actions of others.

I feel financially secure.

It is difficult to show daily gratitude for the people, experiences and things in my life.

I am always in a position to change my circumstances if I am not happy with the way things are.

I am, for the most part, unaware of exactly how I spend my time on work and non-work activities.

Recreation means MUCH more to me than something for me to pass the time during my non-working hours.

My time management is efficient. I can easily allocate time to pursue whatever activities and adventures I want.

I am in charge of my own health and wellbeing. I am always curious about finding ways to improve my health.

As time goes by, my age will increasingly become a limiting factor in the enjoyment of recreational activities.

I am somewhat curious about improving and upgrading my Lifestyle and the Lifestyle of those around me.