16 Personalities: a personality test

Sixteen Personalities

Here is a great tool for work and for life in general. 16 Personalities is a free on line tool that gives you pretty accurate indication of what your personality is. It will even give you ideas based, on your personality test results, your strengths and weaknesses, how you operate in the workplace, relationships, parenting,…

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Interview with Joe Zaczyk, creator of EVERYLOG

We had the opportunity to meet with Joe Zaczyk and get an insight into his inspiration for creating EVERYLOG, which is a life logging and life tracking app. We are pretty sure that Joe was tracking the time spent at the interview and whether or not he enjoyed being interviewed 🙂 — Please note: The…

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Weekend Shenanigans

Paragliding fun in Cumberland, MD — Apps used: FlySkyHy ThermGeek All connects to Livertrack24 to log, record and archive your GPS track-logs! —

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Back from a break

My wife and I have just returned from a trip. We were in Puerto Rico. Snorkeling and Surfing every day! What a blast. What a great place! But, for me even on vacations I am working and brainstorming. Probably because I don’t differentiate too much between work and play. If I had to zero in…

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Time management and tracking…

I always thought that I was pretty good at time management. Having been my own boss for most of my adult life, I’ve had to be. But I was a little curious when I came across an article written by Laura Vanderkam and decided to try tracking my time. I was going to use the…

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