Your Environment…

Is your environment helping or harming your health?

Environmental Drivers of Health

OK. So you’re eating well, getting 7+ hours of sleep almost every night, and you go to the gym… You are doing everything “right,” yet you still experience sluggishness, hormonal issues and brain fog.

So what’s the deal?

Dr. Sara Gottfried MD, bestselling author of “The Hormone Cure,” returns to the virtual conference stage this summer with stunningly clear, fresh, and straight-up advice on the most perplexing health issues of our time.

Join me and a few Lifestyle Magnet members. We will be joining Dr. Sara, and 21 other doctors, productivity specialists, authors and health coaches. Be prepared to discover some surprising solutions that can shift your body toward detoxification and alignment with the best the environment has to offer.

Environmental Drivers of Health virtual conference streams for free July 7- 11, 2014!

UPDATE: The REPLAY of the whole event is available for $75

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