Its the weekend…

I have just finished a really interesting webinar from the people at Talent Dynamics. I took the Talent Dynamics Profile Test about a year ago, and I am a huge fan of this as a foundational tool in the way one approaches the work you do.

The webinar was about building trust for high returns and I have a page full of notes.

Yes it’s the weekend. Do you have something fun planned, some recreation of sorts or were you able to take time off mid-week to do this?

Over the years I have heard some interesting terms and excuses being used to take time off mid-week to play:

  • Surfers : “Hey, I have a board meeting to attend”.
  • Golfers: “We’re meeting with the landscaping company this afternoon”.
  • Hang Glider Pilots: “Oh, remember the ‘soarability clause’ in the contract you signed? Yes, I am going flying today because it is ‘soarable’.

I am sure I have not heard all the terms and excuses out there. Which Have your heard?


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