I want to surf with Steven Kotler

Surfing in South Africa

I want to go surfing with Steven Kotler. Why? Because, Steven Kotler understands Flow. So does Jamie Wheal. They understand better than most, what gets us out there in the first place. They understand what drives people to certain types of recreation and extreme sports in an almost addictive fashion. I would like to surf…

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Interview with Joe Zaczyk, creator of EVERYLOG

We had the opportunity to meet with Joe Zaczyk and get an insight into his inspiration for creating EVERYLOG, which is a life logging and life tracking app. We are pretty sure that Joe was tracking the time spent at the interview and whether or not he enjoyed being interviewed 🙂 — Please note: The…

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An Interview with Chris Lombard

Chris Lombard explains what drove him to create johnnyactionsports.com, a social networking platform for anyone interested in sports and outdoor recreation. — Please note: Sign up for membership on this page.

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Interview with Ian Summers

We are honored to have Ian Summers on Lifestyle Magnet. We interviewed Ian and he talked about his life and his career. Ian Summers is an artist, a coach, a raconteur and a real inspiration! Here he talks about the process of change and how he has helped many people work with personal change. He…

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Its the weekend…

I have just finished a really interesting webinar from the people at Talent Dynamics. I took the Talent Dynamics Profile Test about a year ago, and I am a huge fan of this as a foundational tool in the way one approaches the work you do.

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