Quantified Self: HRV and Snowboarding

Snowboarding and HRV

In this video I want to show how I have been experimenting with HRV and Snowboarding. It is the beginning of the season and the muscles are not quite in shape yet. But, the excitement to be on the snow is at an all time high, as in MAJOR stoke! Using an app called Alpine…

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Its the weekend…

I have just finished a really interesting webinar from the people at Talent Dynamics. I took the Talent Dynamics Profile Test about a year ago, and I am a huge fan of this as a foundational tool in the way one approaches the work you do.

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Game Time

How much time do you spend playing games? Most people I know think it is a huge time-suck. Most of the time it is viewed as a distraction, something unproductive to do, a waste of time. Yet the gaming world has contributed a lot to technology in general. In this Ted Talk, game designer Jane…

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Time management and tracking…

I always thought that I was pretty good at time management. Having been my own boss for most of my adult life, I’ve had to be. But I was a little curious when I came across an article written by Laura Vanderkam and decided to try tracking my time. I was going to use the…

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Snow, a problem for project management?

It was a fun, long winter. Part of the reason that this project (Lifestyle Magnet), and some others got slowed down a little was because of the great snow conditions. Over 600 runs this season – a personal best. How do I know this? TRACKING 🙂     photo: Ryan Smith Photography

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