Time management and tracking…

I always thought that I was pretty good at time management. Having been my own boss for most of my adult life, I’ve had to be. But I was a little curious when I came across an article written by Laura Vanderkam and decided to try tracking my time.

I was going to use the free spreadsheet that Laura has on her website, but I decided to use an app on my phone instead. I used the Lumen Trails app which is great and I tracked every waking hour for two weeks. It was pretty crazy what I found out!

Basically I take too long eating breakfast. I have a lot of mental clarity early in the morning and find that its the best time to get a lot of planning and strategy work done. I waste a lot of time after a workout doing not much of anything. I could be stretching.

The most important thing I discovered is that there is a definite rhythm as far as energy levels go to my waking day. So now I know which tasks to schedule when for maximum productivity. There is a rhythm to my sleep too I discovered – more on those tracking apps in another post.

Why bother with tracking your time? Try it! I highly recommend it!

Have you tried tracking your time?


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