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Upgrade your Sleep

It is well known by now that for optimal Wellbeing, getting enough quality sleep is of supreme importance.

I had the opportunity to interview Daniel Gartenberg, the creator of the Sleep Smart Alarm Clock app which is designed to stimulate deeper and healthier sleep.

I met Daniel at at the local DC Quantified Self group. The Sleep Smart Alarm Clock app is a more advanced version of some of the other sleep apps available.

From their website:

“Sleep Smart helps improves your cognitive and physical well-being by normalizing your sleep cycles. Researchers at Sleep Smart utilize a unique combination of motion-tracking and audio stimulation to re-shape sleep cycles. Numerous studies have shown the beneficial effects of these guided sleep cycles on memory.

Our researchers developed a unique algorithm for determining particular sleep phases by tracking body movement. With this data, we can provide precise amounts of audio stimuli to generate the desired sleep cycle. Following the stimuli, Sleep Smart will ease you out of a light sleep cycle to help you feel consistently refreshed in the morning.”

You can find out more about Daniel Gartenberg HERE and HERE

More about Daniel Gartenberg and his work at George Mason University

The Sleep Smart Alarm Clock app and detailed information is available HERE and HERE

In this video we discuss sleep cycles, circadian rhythm and the one thing you could do today to improve your quality of sleep:


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